solecleanse x Hautletic

First off, we’d like to say a big thank you to Priya and the Hautletic crew for having us.

Setting up our pop-up at Galleria Mall was a great opportunity to connect with the fitness fanatics of Dubai for the first time. We were hyped to see so many sneakerheads pop in for a quick clean. The “Sneaker Pick-Up and Drop-Off Box” we installed saw a lot of use from those who wanted to give their sneakers a full groom back at our lab.


Partnering with Hautletic for a month was a pleasure and we’re excited to host our first sneaker-cleaning workshop this upcoming weekend. Join us on Saturday, August 11 from 4-5pm for a lesson on crep upkeep, where we’ll cover how to clean white sneakers, suede and other materials.

To join the workshop, secure your spot by signing up on Our grooming experts will walk you through the best way to care for your pairs using the globally renowned Jason Markk cleaning products.

Make sure you bring some dirty kicks and hopefully by the end of class they’ll be looking brand new!