at solecleanse, 
we understand soles. 
we use hands not machines. 
we use tailored products not generic materials. 
we use passion not indifference. 
 / because we understand soles. 

 at solecleanse, 
we value soles. 
we believe that soles are a form of expression, an art. 
we believe that every sole earns care and respect.
that every sole deserves to be cleansed. 
 / because we value soles.

at solecleanse, 
we cleanse soles. 
cleansing is not cleaning. cleansing is the art of cleaning. 
cleaning requires skill. 
but cleansing requires soul. 
 / because we cleanse soles. 

at solecleanse, we understand, we value, and we cleanse soles. 
that is why we groom.

/ grooming soles.